Alyash, Llc

1600 Argentine Street #237 CO 80444

GOOD STANDING Company Number: 20161015466 Age: 3 years DLLC (Limited Liability Company)

Alyash, Llc Overview

Alyash, Llc is a DLLC (Limited Liability Company) from Georgetown in Arizona, United States. The company is Good Standing. Alyash, Llc has the Arizona company number 20161015466. It was incorporated 3 years ago on 8th January 2016.

You can find Alyash, Llc main office at 1600 Argentine Street , #237 , CO , 80444. The agent of Alyash, Llc is Laura M Ray, with registered office at 13955 W. 26th Ave. CO 80401.

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Alyash, Llc

Register Information of Alyash, Llc

Entity TitleAlyash, Llc
Entity TypeDLLC (Limited Liability Company)
State ID20161015466
Status Good Standing
Start Date 2016-08-01
Country of Registration United States
Company Age3 years, 5 months

Agent of Alyash, Llc

NameLaura M Ray
Address13955 W. 26th Ave. CO 80401

Address and Map of Alyash, Llc

1600 Argentine Street , #237 , CO , 80444

39° 42' 58.6" N | 105° 41' 43.7" W